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Meet Bri

I want to let you know that I strive to be more than just a wedding vendor for you. My job isn't just to take your photos, but to make your big day memorable and as stress-free as possible. We will laugh, have fun, and maybe even cry together. My style of photography is very candid and full of real, raw emotions; so expect to have fun, but also expect those intimate, tender moments to be captured as well. You will create memories during our time together and my goal is to not necessarily make your sessions feel like just another thing to check off the wedding "to-do list." Your experience is all about capturing your love and how it is now, so years from your big day you can look back and treasure your memories for years to come.

Treasure the moments for years to come.

More than just another wedding vendor

Get to know Bri

HEYYYYO! I’m Bri! Short version? I’m an enneagram 3w2 (if you know what that is lol), and I’m low-key, a crazy animal lover.

You think I’m joking? No. Really. I have 2 cats, have regularly fostered for my local humane society over the years, and recently added a golden retriever puppy in the mix!

Longer version? My lifelong goal is for photography to take me all over the world capturing couples and their love stories so that later in life, I can retire to a farm and rescue doggos and kitties. #givemeallthefurbabies Probably will have some chickens (I’m weirdly obsessed with chickens…don’t know why), probably some cows (have you seen a highlander cow?!), and maybe some horses. I’ve never ridden a horse before, but I feel like
I should have at least one if I’m living on a farm. lol ;)

I’m a wine-loving (also won’t turn down a good cocktail!) foodie that loves the outdoors. When I'm not behind the camera, you can probably find me in the kitchen cooking, up in the mountains hiking, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy, food shows, or any true crime documentaries. I'm pretty easygoing, love to have a good time, and always look for new adventures and people to enjoy them with.

So why book with me? Because your photographer is the one vendor that will be with you the entire wedding day. I strive to be more than just another vendor to you. I will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire wedding process. I can step in where needed other than just being there to capture your photos. I’ve become a professional boutineer pinner, tie-tier, veil placer, train fluffer, bustle-bustler (is that even a word?), champagne popper, boomerang taker…the point is, this isn’t my first rodeo, so I will help you!

Did I mention I have a degree in photography? Yup. I graduated from the University of Utah with my BFA in photography and digital imaging. What does that do for you? Well, I’m pretty dang pro at photoshop and I know how to shoot in tough lighting situations. I’ve shot ceremonies in broad daylight at 12pm. And I’ve shot receptions with literally only string lights and moonlight. So, moral of the story, I know what I’m doing and can take pretty much any curve ball you throw at me.

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